Your Questions About Lose 50 Pounds In 4 Months

Nancy asks…

How can I lose 50 pounds in one day?

im joking
how can I lose 50 pounds in 3-4 months if i am overweight on a scale of skinny, normal, overweight and obese?
I am 14 years old, 4“11 and 140 pounds. I eat pretty healthy to tell the truth. Being overweight is in my family’s genes :(.
Please help! And I know the ‘exercise and eat right’ stuff. But i need DIRECT instructions PLEASE!

Law10 answers:

Ohh im 14 too! My best friend did this and it worked well:
-morning she had breakfast, normal and everything, say a bowl of cereal and a banana

-then she got a snack craving (aka recess at school) and she brought a little honey to school and ate about a spoon because it makes u feel full for 2-4 hours!

-lunch: something colorful, like orange carrots with maybe some green salads and dip (if u brown bad this is good and MUCH better then a sandwich, they are just not an option)

– after school you should go for a little jog, but put on warm clothes (yall sweat more)

-after this have a little snack (apple, banana, orange)

-have something nice for dinner, but do it around 7ish so u can digest some b4 sleep.

If you do a day have a nice little piece of chocolate (or something you like)

if you do a week have a nice dessert!

Try it, you wont be sorry!

John asks…

What do you recommend to get off a weight loss plateau?

Been dieting since October 2007. Lost 50 pounds over the first 4 months; only 5 in the past 3 months. I walk 2 miles a day, bike ride for 2 miles, and then alternate between The Firm’s Hi-Def Scult (25 minute video, using 8 pound weights–certain moves combine weights for a total of 16 pounds) and Pilates Bun and Thigh (18 minute video). I do not cheat on my diet and am religious in my exercise routine. Any suggestions?

Law10 answers:

Change everything you are doing entirely. After about a month your body become immune to your exercise routine. Incorporate interval training when you walk. Go up hills, and down hills, run for as long as you can, slow down, and pick it up again. Change your diet as well, your body is probably used to what you are eating so it has become less effective at burning fat.

Chris asks…

Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in one month?

is it possible to lose 50 pounds in a month

Additional Details
im planning to fast for 4 days starting from tomorow , im 5.10 and weigh 180 and i wanna be thin
(around 140-150)
I was planning only to drink water and little food as possible.

Heck, i will be content losing at least 20 or 30 pounds.

Law10 answers:

No, it is not possible to lose 50 pounds in one month and it is extremely unsafe. Rapid weight loss can actually be detrimental to your health. Also, fasting will not do much for your body at all. You may lose a couple pounds at first, but after you eventually eat for the first time, the weight will come back immediately. Weight loss is a long process and can only be done effectively with time. Instead of fasting, just start to diet by eating 100% whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low fat dairy products. Also, go for a walk or bike ride about 3 times a week. Doing these things and allowing time for weight loss will eventually give you the results you want.

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